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Pelvic Pain

"I cannot adequately describe how grateful I am to have found Jessie for the treatment of my chronic pelvic pain related to proctalgia fugax after the birth of my second child. For 14 years, I have lived with severe pain, having seen numerous specialists who told me there was no cure or resolution of my condition. Thankfully, I was recently referred by my primary care physician to a new OB-Gyn who referred me to Jessie. I was blown away after receiving my first treatment that I experienced more relief than I had in 14 years. I am so grateful for Jessie's compassionate, empathetic, and gentle bedside manner and for the way she spoke hope and life over me from our very first session. I will be forever grateful for Jessie and my OB-Gyn and for both their refusal to accept my diagnosis as uncurable and untreatable and for the referral to pelvic floor PT.  EVERY woman needs to know about this as a treatment for both pre-natal and post partum care. It has been life changing for me!"


Back Pain, Pelvic Pain, Incontinence

"I feel so much more alert, confident, & empowered now that I am seeing improvement in my pelvic floor 'health' or 'fitness.' I am so grateful for the increased ability to NOT pee my pants. I am able to jump rope without problem and feel confident that if I keep up my awareness, having children in the future will be a better experience due to your help!! I love learning from you and really appreciate your bed side manner. It was always so enjoyable to see you!"


Neck & Shoulder Pain, Headaches

"From years of computer work and bad posture choices, I have had neck and shoulder instability, which has led to chronic, severe headaches. Jessie's incredible soft tissue work, dry needling with electrical stimulation, exercise program including advice on sleep positioning, has dramatically improved my quality of life, and has given me the tools to maintain a healthier lifestyle."


"Pelvic floor physical therapy is a revelation. With Jessie's help, I am getting relief from my sacral pain."

Pelvic Pain


Low Back & Hip Pain

"’I'm very grateful to have found Jessie. Over this past year, I have suffered from back and hip injuries as well as mild pelvic floor dysfunction. I was a bit nervous going into pelvic floor physical therapy, but Jessie made the whole process so easy and comfortable. As an athlete, I never realized how important my pelvic floor was for my overall musculoskeletal health. Jessie takes pride in educating her patients and giving them tools to maintain their health."


Post Partum Recovery

I feel very fortunate to have found Golden Pelvic Health to support my postpartum recovery efforts. After an assisted delivery and clearance from my OB, I was eager to start exercising again. However, I had lingering pain and knew I was not yet ready to jump into the same level of intensity workouts due to incontinence and concerns that I would worsen my situation.
From the start, Jessie made pelvic floor education and exercise very approachable for what can be an intimidating topic. She understood why I was feeling discomfort and helped me outline specific recovery goals. As a result of physical therapy, I am equipped to do Kegels correctly, my perineal pain eventually subsided and I am no longer experiencing incontinence during workouts. Jessie covered other techniques that I am able to carry forward in my daily activities, such as lifting my infant, sitting at a desk and best practices for overall wellness.
I personally would not have been able to address any of these challenges on my own by only reading online resources. I highly recommend Golden Pelvic Health for anyone preparing for birth or recovering from an assisted delivery!

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